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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cherry-O Notecard Purse & Jackpot June

Hi-ya Folks! 

Over at the Scrap, Paper, Scissors Academy, I uploaded a new TUTORIAL, be sure to check it out!

Jackpot June!
I am TOTALLY Loving Jackpot June... Today, you can get some GREAT deals over at

but the REAL reason I am posting is BECAUSE I am excited for tomarrows deal. A little Birdie, on facebook, dropped the secret! Tomarrows Jackpot June Special is the $80 Goodie Box for only $40. Why am I excited? Because I have $40! Ha! Good reason, right? but SHHHH.. thats a secret!!

And, I have ANOTHER secret!!! My cat had kittens. Its kinda a funny story because we were told she COULDNT have kittens because she was SUPPOSIVELY fixed or whatever BEFORE we got her.. Six cats later and I am starting to think that was a lie! Cute little guys anyways!
Isn't it just strange that they all look exactly the same? Aren't they supposed to all be different? They ALL look like their mommy!! I will post better pictures as they grow!!

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