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Sunday, September 27, 2009

-Card Kit!-

I participate in a Kit Club with my fellow team members. Here is what the kit looks like this month! 

It's card kit time again!   You will LOVE this stamp set and these cards!

In this kit, you'll receive the supplies to 
create SIX of EACH design shown above - so you will receive all of the consumable supplies that you need to create 12 cards total.

You will also receive 
2 additional full color samples of "alternative" cards that you can make with the combined contents of the kit, as well as step by step instructions on how to complete each of the 4 designs.

Card Kit Price is just $15--that's 12 cards, 
plus envelopes for just $15!

Each month, the card kit also features both a Stamp Set of the Month and an Accessory of the Month. If you purchase the card kit, you may also purchase these items at 
20% off!

October Featured Products:
*Berry Christmas Stamp Set ($22.95) $18.36 with the purchase of the Card Kit
*Red Bead Duo Originals ($9.95) $7.56 with the purchase of the Card Kit

What else will you need?  See the list below for items that were used to create the cards in this kit.  If you already have everything--just buy the card kit and you are ready to create!

If you don't have everything--place a product order with your kit (don't forget about the discount on the "featured products!")  

Or--you can use the card kit to create your own designs using other stamps and inks that you already have--the choice is yours!

Orders for the Card Kits must be received by October 10th. You will receive your kits by the end of the month.

Call or email me today to order:
Ashley Horton

Please Note: I am glad to ship kits directly to you! If the kit needs to be shipped, there will be an extra $3 shipping charge.

Products you will need to complete cards as shown:

*Old Olive Classic Ink Pad ($5.95)
*Real Red Classic Ink Pad ($5.95)
*Chocolate Chip Classic Ink Pad ($5.95)
*Encore! Gold Ink Pad ($8.95)
*Ticket Corner Punch ($6.95)
*Stampin' Sponges ($3.50)
*Four the Holidays Stamp Set ($13.95)
*Berry Christmas Stamp Set ($22.95) $18.36 with purchase of the Card Kit
*Red Bead Duo Originals ($9.95) $7.56 with the purchase of the Card Kit
*Stampin' Dimensionals ($3.95)
*SNAIL Adhesive ($6.95)
*Tombow Multipurpose Adhesive ($3.95)
*Bone Folder ($6.95)
*Paper Snips ($9.95)
*Mat Pack ($9.95)
*Paper Piercer ($3.50)

-Halloween Treat Bags-

So each weekend, I create some new treats for halloween! These are just some bag toppers I made for Halloween Candy Corn. Did you know that people eat enough candy corn a year that if you lined it up it would go around the earth 4.25 times? I told my husband that he eats enough just for it to go around 3 of those times!

Well stay tuned for more! 
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The information to purchase the monthly kit is below!

Ashley Horton

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Earn a Free Stamp!


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Halloween Scrapbook Retreat!

Here are some pictures of the scrapbooking retreat I had tonight! It was a MAJOR blast! We had so much fun! We made those halloween spiders and halloween treat bags that you see below. Make sure you try it out because it is LOTS OF FUN!  

To place an order, go to

Halloween Treat Bag Tutorial

Treat Bag:

Supplies Needed: 

Scallop Edge Punch 112091 $15.95

Scallop Circle: 109043 $15.95

1/6 Circle Punch: 101227 $8.95

Little Boo Stamp Set: 115558 $6.95

Basic Black Paper: 102851 $5.50

Pumpkin Pie Cardstock: 105117 $5.50

Halloween Candy

Cut 3 x 11 piece of black cardstock. Score at 1 1/2, 6, 6  1/2. Scallop punch the end that has the 1/2 score. This is the flap. Fold on the score lines and set aside.

Cut 3 x 1 piece of pumpkin pie cardstock. Scallop punch one edge. Glue this on the bag under the other scallop edge

Take a baggie of candy and staple it right below the 1/2 score line.

Fold the treat bag up, take a hole punch and punch the holes side by side on the top flap for your ribbon.

Thread your ribbon through and tie.

Take a white punched scallop and stamp your halloween sentiment on it. Distress and Ink the edges and glue to the front of your bag. 

You can order SU! By clicking here!

Ashley Horton

Spiders! Tutorial


Supplies Needed:

Scallop Cirlce: 109043 $15.95

Basic Black Paper 102851 $5.50

Googly Eyes

Halloween Mini Peanut Butter Cups

Punch two scallop circles out of basic black cardstock

Cut eight very small scrap of paper, crimp

Glue legs on one of the circles

Glue peanut butter cups to circle and glue on the opposite side.

Glue googly eyes on the top

Either put a magnet on the back and put on fridge, keep as is, or put string through it and hand them up

Thanks for stopping by!

Ashley Horton
Independent Stampin' Up Consultant

Monday, September 7, 2009


So I was browsing around SplitCoastStampers today, And I found this really neat list of stamping ideas!

Fifty Things to Stamp
Magnets ** Frames
Christmas Cards ** Lamp Shades
Paper Plates ** Puzzles ** Gable Boxes
Wrapping Paper ** Flash Cards ** Ornaments 
Gift Sacks & Bags ** Baskets ** Awards ** Calendars
Napkins ** Tablecloth ** Bulletin Boards ** Memory Pages
Bookmarks ** Coupon Books * Book Covers ** Marshmallows
Business Cards ** Bookplates ** Gifts ** Birth Announcements
Boxes * Thank You Notes ** Cookies ** Easter Eggs * Invitations
Pictures ** Bank Checks ** Trick or Treat Bags ** Tissue Paper
Change of Address ** Clay Pots ** Post Cards ** Pins ** Aprons
Stickers ** Lunch Bags ** Jewelry ** Memos ** Post-It Notes
Advent Calendars ** Streamers ** Cups ** Shrinky-Dinks
Recipe Cards ** Birthday Cards ** Labels ** Gift Tags
Flyers ** Stationery ** Placemats ** Place Cards
Walls & Borders ** Pop-Up Cards ** Party Hats
Balsa Wood ** Hot Pads ** Coasters
Tennis Shoes ** Date Books
Balloons ** Journals

WHICH! Inspired me! So I am going to try out some of these ideas and post them for you! If you want to share your ideas, EMAIL ME! (

Sunday, September 6, 2009

-Halloween Starters!-

Halloween is near! So, to get the party started, I am uploading today's project! This is a little candy basket I made and had FUN! I simply used a template and cut around it, folded it together, and decorated! You can find TONS of templates online, and I suggest using them! A lot of them can be altered to fit your technique! I simply used some stamping and edge distressing techniques today.

ALSO! DID YOU READ MY PREVIOUS POST? Please Do! You could have a chance to win a FREE STAMP JUST BY SIGNING UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER! Its a brand new newsletter, once a month! If you decide that you no longer want to read it, its super easy to unsubscribe! Each month, you have a chance of winning a FREE STAMP! 

ALSO, later today I will be posting the link to sign up for the kit of the month club. You will receive your kit the last week of September just in time for halloween! It will include a stamp set, paper, cardstock, and brads! More info later!

Thanks! Ashley 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

-Free Stamp!-

Want a chance to win a FREE stamp just in time for halloween? To enter to win this stamp set, Please enter your name into the Mailing List and SUBSCRIBE! Thats IT!

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-Organizing 101-

When you think of scrapbooking, it can be overwhelming. You have been wanting to dig those old photos out and do something with them but haven't found perhaps the time, the money or the motivation. This article is designed to help kick yourself into gear and get organized because the first step to scrapbooking is ORGANIZATION!

Before your purchase scrapbooking supplies, the best place to start is with your photos. You are going to want to separate all of your photos into categories. Try these for starters:


Then, you are going to start with each category and start organizing them into chronological order.

-Safety 101-

One of the reasons I choose to scrapbook with Stampin Up! products is because of how safe there products are for preserving my memories. Safety is the key when scrapbooking your memories because the whole reason for Scrapbooking is to pass down our stories for generations so that other can reflect on us. We want to be sure our Scrapbooks last the longest possible. Here are some tips on keeping it safe!

pH Factor:
Its very important to keep this in mind when choosing products that come in contact with your photos {pens, papers, stickers, stamp ink, etc} The pH scale runs from 0-14 and the lowest the pH factor the more acidic the product is. You want to keep it somewhere between 7 and 9. Just because something says that it is Acid Free does not always mean it is the best for your photos. SU! has a wonderful line of products that have been scientifically tested for safety!

Lignin can cause your photographs to turn yellow and become brittle over time. Its important to choose products that are lignin free. SU! Products are lignin free.

Paper that is buffered is less likely to break down when exposed to acidic memorabilia.

Well, you have been educated on keeping it safe!

-Journaling 101-

Why is it important to journal?

There are many important reasons why its special to incorporate journaling into your scrapbooking. The most important reason is to tell a story for the generations to follow. The reason we take pictures is not only for our memories but for future generations to come. We want to be able to pass on personal thoughts, insights, and jokes to our children, their children, and so on. Including fond memories and inside jokes that you cannot portray in the photos is a good way to enhance your pages and tell your story effectively. Capturing exact feelings, moods, and emotion can also be an effective way to journal your memories as well. Leaving a sampling of your handwriting can be a good indication of how you were feeling as well as what type of person you are. Handwriting can tell a lot about a person!

Who reads your journaling?
There are many people who will read your journaling in your albums. Of the priority are your children, your immediate family your spouse, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, friends, friends of your children, and so on. It's important to journal so you don't leave those loved ones with questions that you could have answered by simply adding that small touch to your page.

When should you journal?
Small details don't stay in your memory for long so its important to jot down notes or stories just as they happen. Sometimes keeping a journal by your bedside can help with jotting down mrmories each night. You can also keep notecards in your purse to help jot down important details during the day. Decorate a notebook with your favorite scraps to keep in your vehicle so you can write down important details, or Close To My Heart has a memory recorder that you can also purchase, all you have to do is talk!

What can you use as guides to journal?

Brainstorm ideas
Fill in the blanks
Gather memorabilia
Quotes, sayings, song lyrics
Group journaling
Word journaling
Use an actual journal
Save emails
Copy pages in your planner
Use who, what, when, where, why
Use your senses
Make a list
Pick a color
Free write
Look for inspiration on the web
Carry index cards

I just used who what when and why for my beginnings of each section and didn't even know it!

-New Name. New Blog.-

So, have you noticed, new name new blog? Yea! We changed our name to Finders Keepers! A blog all about Scrapbooking and Paper Crafting! You will find tips, tricks, techniques and TUTORIALS! Yes all FOR FREE! We will also have a FINDERS KEEPERS Monthly Kit for $25.00! Stick around, because its ALL COMING FOR YOU!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Here is another layout without journaling. As I mentioned in my previous post- your probably know where I will place the journaling but do you know what? I will be featuring a few different ways to journal and give you some hints and tips on how you can successfully remember and share your memories.

So for this layout I just wanted to add some directional force, which you will learn about later- by having a curvy edge and add some buttons, flowers, brads etc. I still have some ribbon to attach and of course the journaling but you will see more of this layout at a later date. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to read past posts to get updated!

-Print your Pictures-

With the way life is these days, its just not possible for us on the go scrappers to drop photos off at the photo shop to get printed.  I have researched a list of online places that you can go to get your pictures printed and even mailed directly to your door step! Or, you can send them to the shop and pick them up.   Here are a few places you can go:

-Economically Scrappy!-

Again, its time for me to dig around magazines for inspiration. I found some great environmental and money saving techniques that I would love to share with all of you!

*Use items from around your house, such as office supplies, fabric, newspaper, yarn, string, buttons, tissue paper, etc
*Re-use greeting card images and gift bags
*Cut out images from magazines to create greeting cards (I will post an example of this!!)
*Save your gift cards and paint them to create an embellishment or as a gift tag

These are just a few tips, and I have tons more things to share with you guys!

25 Ways to Use a brad

Here is a list compiled of 25 ways to use a brad. I will be working on some examples, but if you have an example you would like to share, even if its not part of this list- email it

1. as a center to a flower
2. as a rainbow
3. outlining figures
4. as eyes
5. as a pumpkin
6. as a border
7. as an adhesive
8. use more to make a flower
9. as centers to circles
10. to attach tags
11. as a clasp
12. as a divider
13. as tires on a vehicle paper piece
14. as bugs
15. as sprinkles on a cupcake
16. as polka dots
17. as a sun
18. as M&M's
19. as a tack
20. as an arrow
21. as apples on a tree
22. as letters
23. as centers of O's
24. as beads
25. as leaves from a tree

-Inspirational Quotes-

Searching through old magazines and catalogs I found the following quotes for your inspiration. Quotes can really add emotion to a page IF used correctly. Make sure you understand what the quote means before applying it to your page to give it the perfect effect.

"People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one"-Leo J. Burke
"What can burn and not burn up, a passion that gives birth to itself everyday."
"I made a wish and you came true"
"Life is good"
"Infinite goodness has wide arms." - Dante
"Your birthday is easy to remember."
"Time spent with friends is time well spent."
"What love is to the heart, Liberty is to the soul."
"Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal." -Thomas Moore
"A friend is someone who makes it easy."
"Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."
"Good friends are like angels--you dont have to see them to know they are there."
"It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into the doing that matters."-Mother Teresa
"Children's talent is to endure stems from their ignorance of alternatives." -Maya Angelou
"Life reveals her beauty one precious miracle at a time" -Flavia
"Mommy, you are totally not listening to me, YOUR FIRED!"
"Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedications of a lifetime." -Adlai Stevenson

-Inspirational Websites-

I never realized how much inspiration I get from day to day just by viewing other peoples work. I open up my mind and say, hey.. thats super cute! So I decided to blog a list of inspirations scrapbooking website as well as some digital scrapbooking website that I visit on a day to day basis. Take a peak!

Sorry if any of the links don't work. I actually added some that were in an old Scrapbooks ETC magazine. I find inspiration from day to day just by browsing the internet.

-Tag Birthday Book-

Today we are going to be making a tag album!  I have shown you lots of different albums in the last couple of days, square mini albums, circle albums and now a tag album.  The difference with this project is that instead of using pictures, we are going to be using BIRTHDAYS for a theme!  This tag album actually has 12 pages for each month of the year that you can put peoples birthdays in. 

Step One: You are going to want to use a template or your cricut to cut 12 tags and one for the front and back.  Now, just for consideration, you can use your Cricut Cartridge Tags, Bags, Boxes & More

tep Two: Taking patterned paper, you can now cut 12 tags of varying patterns in the same color scheme

Step Three: Glue cardstock tags and patterned tags together

Step Four: Using your Colonial White Cardstock {1388} and a Stamp set that features the months of the years (mine was a Stamp of the Month, CTMH has others) and Journaling Jots create slips of paper for your insides and pages.  This will be where you put special events such as birthdays, anniversarys etc.

And basically your done.  the next step would be embellishing!  Not a difficult tutorial but sometimes labeling something as a tutorial can be inspiration! So what are you still on here for? Get scrapping!

-Diagonal Card Tutorial

This is what I call a Diagonal Card. Basically, I cut a piece of cardstock, patterned paper, and coordinating cardstock 4x4. The coordinating cardstock I cut diagonally for the front. I glued the PP onto the white Cardstock and then did some distressing. I attached the diagonal with brads. Then, with 3x3 cardstock and PP I decorated the part that goes on the inside. VOILA! Easy, huh?

-Purse Tutorial-


Cut a piece of cardstock 6 1/2 x 8 1/2
Score 5/8 from both long edges and 3 3/4 from both short edges
Assemble the box and adhere
You can put a purse strap on it if you wish, or leave it the way it is, either way it is ADORABLE!

Supplies: Soft Subtles Paper, Party Hearty Stamp Set, Snail Adhesive, Bashful Blue, Mellow Moss, Pale Plum stamp pads ORDER HERE

-Box Keeper Tutorial-

You will need to cut two pieces of cardstock, one 6 3/8 square and one 6 3/4 square.  

6 3/8 square:
Score at 3/4 from each edge. On the four corners, cut ONE of the score lines from the edge to the score line it crosses.  Fold and adhere. This is your top.
6 3/4 square:
Score at 1 inch from each edge.  On the four corners, cut ONE of the square lines from each edge to the score line it crosses.  Fold and adhere. This is your bottom.
Adhere! Decorate! Enjoy!

Supplies Used: Soft Subtles Card Stock, Simply Said Stamp Set, Bashful Blue Ink Pad, ORDER HERE

-Stampin' Pastel Tutorial

So today I am doing a quick Stampin' Pastel Demonstration. You will only need a few supplies for this Demo, which are:

Stampin' Pastels: 105542 $24.95
White Card Stock
Versamark Ink Pad:102283 $7.50
Stamp set of your choice.
I used Tart and Tangy 111514 $12.95

To my experience, the Stampin' Pastels last FOREVER and I have only had to buy one! I got another one with my kit which will end up just being inventory!

The first step is to actually stamp your image using the versamark ink pad. The best way to do this is to lightly tap it onto the ink pad and firmly stamp your image. You should see a small damp spot, but nothing that is going to stand out. 

Then, after you have stamped your image, you are going to take Sponge Daubers and lightly tap the sponge daubers into the chalk and onto your image.

You should then have a nice, clean image. What I do sometimes to add a blur effect is I lightly go around the image with my small daubers so that there is a little bit of color around the outside, as you see here! Thats it! Simple as can be! 

-Family Values Book-

Values are things that make our family uniquely ours. They can range from family traditions, habits, goals and activities we share together. The family values scrapbook project is a project that we are going to do together over a sequence of time. Each month, e are going to add a new family value or two

Keep in mind that family values scrapbook is thematic, not sequential. Choose photos from many different periods of your life.

Day One: The first workshop is going to be centered around brainstorming ideas for the binder as well as making a cover and title page. Homework: Bring photos that will work for your values during the next workshop.

Day Two: The second workshop is centered around creating two spreads by using two different sketches as well as learning two new techniques in make and take projects.

Day Three: The third workshop will be a free day. You will work on your family values scrapbook and also visit different stations with other projects as well. This is the last day we will be working on our family values scrapbook in class.

- Brainstorm values at home with your family. Discuss them
- Gather photos that represent your values
- Use a lot of journaling
- Take time; your values should not be taken lightly
- Don't get overwhelmed
- Remember that its thematic, not sequential!

ome values that I used in our family values scrapbook:
honesty, family, fun, summertime, activity, holiday, participation, food, creativity, family time, budgeting, health and wellness, free time, individuality, photography

Some quotes that I put in my value scrapbook:

"Even thought it may be cold and dark outside, we find beauty in everything."
"We never forget our roots. We respect where we came from because it determines what we become."
"When all else fails, break out a cheesy smile."
"When all odds are against us, we succeed"
"Love is something to live for"
"Our foundations include our friends, and our friends include our foundations."

-Dog Book-

I attended a class, and this is my creation! I actually ended up giving it away, but I put a lot of heart and soul into this book! I am going to start a Kit Club, and a book similar to this is going to be the start of it. 

-Popsicle Tutorial-

I am posting a CUTE Popsicle card that I learned to make from my upline that is just plain adorable!

What I did was I took a piece of textured cardstock and cut it 4X6. I then folded it at the 3 inch line. I rounded the corners with my corner rounder. After that, I took my scallop punch and punched into the top corner so it looked like there was a bite taken out of it. Then, I punched a scallop circle on white cardstock and punched into the middle so that it looked like an ice cream filled popsicle!

Then, I punched a scallop circle out of coordinating cardstock and glued it in the middle. Using my tart and tangy stamp set, I stamped an image on a punched circle and adhered it to the middle of my scallop circle

Then attach a popsicle stick to the back, ribbon on the stick and WOW! you have an ADORABLE popsicle card GREAT for summer!