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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tutorial: Butterfly Card

I found this adorable template at the Paper Crafts website, called Time Enough. I decided to download it, print it and share it with you! Here is what I did!
Step One: The first step to creating this unique butterfly card is going to be to actually measure out your card. You are going to want to cut a piece of cardstock that will match your patterned paper 8x5.5. Then, fold this in half.
Step Two: Your next step is going to be to cut your patterned paper 4x5.5 and then glue it on your card front.
Step Three: Cut out the pattern and trace it on the front of your card. The, cut out your pattern, but DO NOT cut through both sides of cardstock. You only want the butterfly on the front.
Finally, in just a few short steps you have this beautiful card. What I like about this card is it is versatile. You can use it for a Mothers Day Card, Thank You Card, or even Easter Card!

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