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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stamping Techniques

Random Stamping

Generation Stamping

I think we ought to take a look at a few techniques that are often forgotten. If you received my newsletter on Sunday, you should have seen these two techniques as well as a few more. Well, they are our all so famous Random Stamping and Generation Stamping, and these two techniques can change your day!
Random stamping is when you take a few
 stamps, about 2-3 that have the same general theme. You then choose 2-3 coordinating ink colors or swatches and randomly stamp yourself a background. This can be helpful, especially if you are running out of patterned paper 
or if you need something specific that you do not have.

Generation Stamping is when you take the same stamp, and stamp it multiple times without re-inking. This can provide some awesome shades of the same color but at the same time can offer some dimension to your artwork. Now with both of these examples, I ended up putting them as a background on a card, and it worked out nicely and is also very simple! 

Are you proud of your artwork using these techniques? Send them to me in an email and I will post them on the blog with a link to your blog or gallery!

Ashley Horton
Close to My Heart Independent Consultant

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