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Saturday, September 5, 2009

-Journaling 101-

Why is it important to journal?

There are many important reasons why its special to incorporate journaling into your scrapbooking. The most important reason is to tell a story for the generations to follow. The reason we take pictures is not only for our memories but for future generations to come. We want to be able to pass on personal thoughts, insights, and jokes to our children, their children, and so on. Including fond memories and inside jokes that you cannot portray in the photos is a good way to enhance your pages and tell your story effectively. Capturing exact feelings, moods, and emotion can also be an effective way to journal your memories as well. Leaving a sampling of your handwriting can be a good indication of how you were feeling as well as what type of person you are. Handwriting can tell a lot about a person!

Who reads your journaling?
There are many people who will read your journaling in your albums. Of the priority are your children, your immediate family your spouse, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, friends, friends of your children, and so on. It's important to journal so you don't leave those loved ones with questions that you could have answered by simply adding that small touch to your page.

When should you journal?
Small details don't stay in your memory for long so its important to jot down notes or stories just as they happen. Sometimes keeping a journal by your bedside can help with jotting down mrmories each night. You can also keep notecards in your purse to help jot down important details during the day. Decorate a notebook with your favorite scraps to keep in your vehicle so you can write down important details, or Close To My Heart has a memory recorder that you can also purchase, all you have to do is talk!

What can you use as guides to journal?

Brainstorm ideas
Fill in the blanks
Gather memorabilia
Quotes, sayings, song lyrics
Group journaling
Word journaling
Use an actual journal
Save emails
Copy pages in your planner
Use who, what, when, where, why
Use your senses
Make a list
Pick a color
Free write
Look for inspiration on the web
Carry index cards

I just used who what when and why for my beginnings of each section and didn't even know it!

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