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Friday, September 4, 2009

-Family Values Book-

Values are things that make our family uniquely ours. They can range from family traditions, habits, goals and activities we share together. The family values scrapbook project is a project that we are going to do together over a sequence of time. Each month, e are going to add a new family value or two

Keep in mind that family values scrapbook is thematic, not sequential. Choose photos from many different periods of your life.

Day One: The first workshop is going to be centered around brainstorming ideas for the binder as well as making a cover and title page. Homework: Bring photos that will work for your values during the next workshop.

Day Two: The second workshop is centered around creating two spreads by using two different sketches as well as learning two new techniques in make and take projects.

Day Three: The third workshop will be a free day. You will work on your family values scrapbook and also visit different stations with other projects as well. This is the last day we will be working on our family values scrapbook in class.

- Brainstorm values at home with your family. Discuss them
- Gather photos that represent your values
- Use a lot of journaling
- Take time; your values should not be taken lightly
- Don't get overwhelmed
- Remember that its thematic, not sequential!

ome values that I used in our family values scrapbook:
honesty, family, fun, summertime, activity, holiday, participation, food, creativity, family time, budgeting, health and wellness, free time, individuality, photography

Some quotes that I put in my value scrapbook:

"Even thought it may be cold and dark outside, we find beauty in everything."
"We never forget our roots. We respect where we came from because it determines what we become."
"When all else fails, break out a cheesy smile."
"When all odds are against us, we succeed"
"Love is something to live for"
"Our foundations include our friends, and our friends include our foundations."

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