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Saturday, September 5, 2009

-Safety 101-

One of the reasons I choose to scrapbook with Stampin Up! products is because of how safe there products are for preserving my memories. Safety is the key when scrapbooking your memories because the whole reason for Scrapbooking is to pass down our stories for generations so that other can reflect on us. We want to be sure our Scrapbooks last the longest possible. Here are some tips on keeping it safe!

pH Factor:
Its very important to keep this in mind when choosing products that come in contact with your photos {pens, papers, stickers, stamp ink, etc} The pH scale runs from 0-14 and the lowest the pH factor the more acidic the product is. You want to keep it somewhere between 7 and 9. Just because something says that it is Acid Free does not always mean it is the best for your photos. SU! has a wonderful line of products that have been scientifically tested for safety!

Lignin can cause your photographs to turn yellow and become brittle over time. Its important to choose products that are lignin free. SU! Products are lignin free.

Paper that is buffered is less likely to break down when exposed to acidic memorabilia.

Well, you have been educated on keeping it safe!

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