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Friday, September 4, 2009

25 Ways to Use a brad

Here is a list compiled of 25 ways to use a brad. I will be working on some examples, but if you have an example you would like to share, even if its not part of this list- email it

1. as a center to a flower
2. as a rainbow
3. outlining figures
4. as eyes
5. as a pumpkin
6. as a border
7. as an adhesive
8. use more to make a flower
9. as centers to circles
10. to attach tags
11. as a clasp
12. as a divider
13. as tires on a vehicle paper piece
14. as bugs
15. as sprinkles on a cupcake
16. as polka dots
17. as a sun
18. as M&M's
19. as a tack
20. as an arrow
21. as apples on a tree
22. as letters
23. as centers of O's
24. as beads
25. as leaves from a tree

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